TE-digi takes the labour and business services to the future


One of the key projects of the government is the development of the employment services. The employment services are being developed by creating new digital services that have as their main goal to bring together jobseekers and jobs in a better, easier and faster way than before. The upcoming reform of regional government has an effect on the development activities because as from 2020 the TE Services are integrated with the growth services, and they can be provided by private actors in addition to the public administration.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment and Development and Administrative Services Centre (KEHA) launched in 2016 in the fall the TE-digi project, a reform project for the labour and business services.

The short-term objectives of the project are a more seamless customer guidance with prevention of continued unemployment and clear online services that support self-motivation of the jobseekers. The renewed approaches and information systems reduce bureaucracy and streamline practices.

In the longer term, the labour and business services will form a complex that is based on the common information at the disposal of the public and private actors and on exchange of information. Työmarkkinatori is the platform of this complex.

The most visible parts of the project are Työmarkkinatori, the pilot for new labour and self-employment and the renewal of online client services and process.

The project is carried out in the period 2016 to 2020.

By 2021, Työmarkkinatori offers a digital service platform that:

  • brings together public and private service providers on a common platform
  • allows jobseekers, entrepreneurs and employers, students, educational establishments, employments agents and recruitment consultants to connect better
  • functions as a meeting place and information source for job seeking
  • helps to develop new services for job seekers and employers.

Making progress

Työmarkkinatori is constructed gradually, and the completely new type of services are created by trying different solutions. The services for job seekers and employers are modernised between 2018-2020 to align them with the realisation of the growth services of the regional governments.

Työmarkkinatori Job Board

Search service for jobs and employees

The job requirements and the skills of the jobseeker are described using the same terms in Työmarkkinatori Job Board. The Job Board suggests to a jobseeker who has filled in a profile the most suitable vacancies for him or her, and it suggests to an employer the most suitable jobseekers.

The Job Board was introduced in February 2018 and the purpose of this first version is to gather feedback about the usability and functioning of the service. In order to make the production version of the Job Board to be released at the end of 2018 as good as possible feedback is required from jobseekers and employers.

The complex of Työmarkkinatori

Besides the public services, the complex of Työmarkkinatori (the ecosystem) will include also employment and educational services delivered by private and third sector actors. The purpose of setting up Työmarkkinatori is to provide a platform for life-long learning and to help people to keep their skills and job seeking skills up to date.


One of the key projects of the Government Programme is focused on strengthening competitiveness by improving conditions for business and entrepreneurship. This means also taking into account of growing micro-entrepreneurship and other new forms of entrepreneurship.

Because of the change in the working life, more Finns will work alongside and outside of permanent and full time or part time employment as so called self-employed persons. The number of self-employed persons has grown in the recent years and it is expected to continue growing. Moreover, new work is found more and more through the use of online digital platforms and billing services.

The objective of the government is to reform the unemployment security system to respond better to the changed working life. The transitions between paid labour and entrepreneurship are wanted more flexible. The development of unemployment security to support the self-employed is one of the measures the government uses to remove barriers to entrepreneurship.

The pilot for new labour and self-employment is part of the TE-digi project. The aim of the pilot is to provide jobseekers with information about different possibilities of working offered by service providers and billing services operating on digital platforms.

The deepening of the understanding and knowledge of the specialists at TE Services about the future requirements in working life and self-employment as part of the career paths of the clients is also part of the pilot.

The purpose is to find out together with the participating service providers how the public employment services can support the jobseekers to find employment by different and new ways of self-employment and entrepreneurship and where there is room for development. The experiences from the pilot are used in a follow-up study to consider the quality of the client experience of the jobseekers and the importance of employment opportunities for employment.

Online client services

TE-digi project includes the modernisation of the online services for the jobseekers and employers who are clients and the systems and service processed of the authority. In the service channels the emphasis is on e-services and personalized online service. For example, the chat service will be used more.

This reform is strongly linked with the decisions regarding the reform of regional government which means that the modernisation of the e-services for customer care can be truly launched in 2018.